Managing your page on the county website

Our county website represents one of our key communication channels and is a major enabler for many of our core functions, things like youth and adult recruitment, member’s support and marketing of the South London Scout Centre.

Our ‘become a scout’ and ‘volunteer with us’ joining system, for young people and adults, provides you with a great tool to use to promote your opportunities for both young people and adults to get involved.

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At the same time, the system streamlines the work you need to do to enable people (young and older), to get involved with your group/unit and ensure these important processes don’t take up more of your time than they need too.

The system, which is maintained by our County Development Service using the information you provide, enables people to see your current status for young people to join and for adults to get involved as a volunteer and make enquiries based on your situation. You can share the link to your page far and wide, on your own website, social media and in newsletters etc. to enable local people to find out and enquire about the opportunities your group or unit has to get involved.


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