Health & Safety

In order to ensure a safe environment for all our users we have basic rules for the benefit of all.

Our centre flag pole


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Event leaders

Your event leader is responsible for the supervision and welfare of the adults and young people in your party. All event leaders should report to office on arrival. 

First aid

We do not supply first aid kits in any of our buildings or on the camping area. It is your responsibility to make sure they have your own adequate first aid kit and provision. The Warden can provide basic dressings, (particularly for day users of the centre), in the case of minor injuries.


All our buildings are strictly no smoking and consideration to others should be given when smoking outdoors. Please do not smoke in front of young people and anywhere on the campsite. Please dispose of cigarette ends in the disposal bins provided.


When consuming alcohol anywhere in the centre please take care. Consideration must be given to the welfare of the members of your party and to the other people using the centre, particularly young people. Under no circumstances may alcohol be consumed in public areas of the centre or in front of other centre users. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the site who is obviously under the influence of alcohol and causing a nuisance.

Respect for other users

Everyone's welcome at our centre - be respectful to other groups around you. You might be pitched near other groups when it's busy, so keep to your own pitch and please don't walk through other camps.

Our quiet hours are 22:30 - 07:30. Please observe our quiet hours and keep noise down - especially if you're running a late night activity or leaving early.

Radios are generally not encouraged. Please ensure that any radios or similar cannot be heard from any neighbouring sites and turn them down if asked. Please seek authorisation to use amplified music or voice from the Warden.


  1. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk and may be parked only in the designated car parking spaces. The space outside the buildings is reserved for emergency vehicle use but may be used temporarily for unloading.
  2. The centre speed limit is strictly 5 miles per hour. Please ensure all drivers in your party are aware of this, including those dropping off or collecting people.
  3. Parents/carers must not drive on to the camping areas to drop off or pick young people up. They should be told to park in the car park and walk to the site.
  4. Vehicles are not generally allowed on camping areas. If the site is dry, we may allow vehicles on site to unload bulky camping equipment. However permission must be obtained from the Centre Manager beforehand and car must be moved the car park as soon as they have been unloaded. 
  5. Vehicles must not be driven off the designated roadways, parking and loading areas. Please seek permission before driving to a building or camp area; to avoid incurring a fee should we have to recover your vehicle from the site. 

Waste disposal & recycling

Please do not dig pits anywhere on the centre's grounds. All rubbish is to be disposed of in recycling bins/industrial waste bins at the entrance. The disposal of large amounts of non-camp rubbish such as old camping equipment and tents is not allowed.

Toilets and showers

We strive to keep the toilets and showers in good condition, however, if you find during the course of your stay that is 'not so', or discover toilets blocked or lack of toilet paper etc. then please tell the Centre Warden so that we can address the situation. Please do not use the shower areas to clean your muddy boots.

Please remember that our team is made up of volunteers who have given up their time to run the centre. Please be considerate - keep toilet blocks clean, use the bins, and look after the centre. Let us know if you spot any problems, and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

Breakage or damage

Please report any breakages or damage at the earliest possible opportunity to allow for prompt replacement or repair.

We reserve the right to charge groups/users for any damage caused to buildings and/or equipment caused by members of your group during your stay.

Fires, firewood and fire safety

Keep paths, gates and access routes clear. Leave at least 1m between tents and 3m from buildings.

Think fire - risk assess, have suitable firefighting equipment, store equipment correctly, check it regularly, and keep the area clear.

Beware of carbon monoxide - don't cook in poorly ventilated spaces or sleeping tents.

Open fires are permit in alter fires only. 

Firewood is available from our wood pile. Please use it conservatively and return any unused wood to the woodpile.

Do not put hot ashes in the waste bins or dispose of in the hedges.


Dogs (and other pets) are not allowed in our buildings or camping grounds unless specific permission has been obtained from the Centre Manager.

No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchens at any time.

Hygiene and waste disposal

Do not wash up using the toilets or water taps.

Please put any food waste in the bins, and not down the sinks or in the bushes. We don't want to attract rats!

Please place all of your sorted general waste and recycling rubbish and any unwanted BBQs and equipment in the bins located at the front of the site (next to the site entrance) before you leave the site 

Fire Safety & Procedures

Discovery of a Fire
If you hear the smoke or fire alarm of discover a fire raise the alarm by shouting ‘FIRE’ and warn people in the vicinity of the fire.  Do not put yourself at risk.  Leave the building or camping area straight away.

If you hear the smoke or fire alarm, follow the evacuation procedures without delay.

Fire evacuation procedure 
In the event of a fire, the following steps should be taken to ensure the safety of all building occupants:       

  • Activate the fire alarm
  • Call 999 the fire brigade, immediately and provide information - quote the what 3 words "plant - trees - count"
  • If necessary, notify emergency responders of any medical emergency
  • Stay low if confronted with smoke 
  • Check closed doors for heat before opening
  • If it is safe to do so, assist any injured personnel 
  • Use fire extinguisher only if it is safe to do so
  • Assemble all members of your party at the fire assemble point
  • Stay away from the buildings until the fire brigade say it is safe to return

Please take responsibility for any young people and visitors that may be with you and ensure they know how to follow the evacuation procedure.

Assembly Point
Upon evacuating the building or camping area, proceed to the fire assembly point in the far corner of the flag pole green. In the event of this not being a safe place the Centre staff will direct you to our outside car park area which is situated outside opposite the centre's main entrance, 


The Scout Association policies

All users of the South London Scout Centre must agree to adhere to The Scout Associations Safety and Safeguarding policies.

All event leaders must ensure that every adult (over the age of 18) has followed the checking procedure as laid out by their organisation and has been deemed suitable to work with children. The Scout Association's “Young people first” rules and guidelines  apply at all times. All adults staying overnight must be DBS cleared. See the links below for more information.