Safe from harm

We are committed to building and maintaining a safe environment for young people in the scout movement, and beyond.

A safe environment enables the self-development of young people as well as the creation of positive and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Our commitment to protect children and young people is our priority and is a responsibility shared by every individual involved in scouting and we have the same high expectations of all users of our centre.

In the context of scouting, keeping children and young people safe from harm encompasses all areas of child and youth protection work, the wellbeing, development and safety of children and young people is a priority in all scouting-related activities and all activities, events and bookings that take pace at our centre .

Information related to the safety, safeguarding and wellbeing of children and young people including a code of practise and information about how to raise concerns can be found here and must be upheld by all our centre and facility users.

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