County Team Vacancies

It's people that make scouting happen at every level of our County. From our County Lead Volunteer to the Chair of our Board of Trustees, and the incredible South & South East London Scouts County Team who provide support to our Districts, Groups and Units. These are just some of the superstars who've stepped up to inspire a generation across the County.  

We're proud that South & South East London Scouts is a volunteer led movement. Working in partnership with our development and support service and local volunteers, our County team serves scouting across Bexley, Bromley, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and The Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

That's where you come in.  

We have lots of exciting opportunities to get involved as a member of our county team. Our innovative spirit and ability to make things happen plays a vital role in the development of young people across South & South East London. When you get involved you are making a choice to make a big impact on the lives of over 9,500 young people across our County.


Our County Team structure...

Functions and teams

Our team descriptions enable you to work together with your team to decide between you how you will organise yourselves, based on their skills, interests, and availability.

To join us you don't need to know anything about scouting - we provide an induction, award wining training and lots of ongoing support.

It’s an exciting time as we continue to grow our  County team -  We are currently in the process of adding our vacancies and opportunities to join our team to this page ~ check back regularly to see what has been added!

Find out more about our current county
volunteer vacancies below...


Charity governance is an important part of the day-to-day running of our county and exists to support the County Leadership Team in meeting its responsibilities. Our governance function ensures that scouting at county level is run safely and legally and supports this area of work across the county. 

The County Trustee Board is specifically responsible for providing the support needed to ensure we deliver our county strategy; key policy decisions; approval of the county development plan and for acting on matters relating to finance, the county development and volunteer support service and the South London Scout Centre.

Trustee Election Selection Panel member

Our Selection Panel has an important part to play in our Trustee election process. It is the panel’s role to shortlist candidates standing for election as trustees of the County.

Chair of Trustees 

Our County Chair leads our Trustee Board and co-ordinates the work of the trustees to ensure that the policies of the Association and our local procedures and processes are in place for the effective management of scouting across the County.

County Treasurer

Our County Treasurer is responsibilities for the overall management and monitor of the county's financial activities, including preparing and presenting financial reports and accounts to our Trustee Board.

County Trustees (8 positions available)

Our Trustee Board is made of up to 12 members, this includes the Chair, Treasurer, County Lead Volunteer, and County Youth Lead. The Board helps make sure that everything is running safely and legally, and that scouting across South & South East London Scouts has the resources it needs to operate well, now and in the future. 



Our organisation function provides strategic leadership, line management, incident management and inspiration to lead volunteers. It also manages the day-to-day provision of growth and development and support services, and ensures our wider county team is fully developed, organised, and focussed on supporting programme delivery.

The function has overall responsibility for ensuring that the needs of our county and districts are met and provides advice on a number of day-to-day operational key areas and topics. It also monitors and coordinates the work of all of our county functions and has overall responsibility for the implementation of our county strategic plan

County Support Team

Our County Support Team provides tools, resources and support services to help the County run smoothly.

 The team supports:

  • Create relationships with other organisations
  • fundraising (if needed)  
  • Day to day finance administration

Note takers at our team meetings

We are looking to build a small team of note takers  to record the actions decided at our county meetings and write the occasional email.

Microsoft 365 Administrator

We are currently in the process of setting up our new larger County Team on Microsoft 365. To do this effectively we need a specialist with particular skills in managing Microsoft 365 as a online global administrator. Providing deployment, end to end administration and maintenance of Microsoft 365, Teams and related applications, including SharePoint on-line and technical Issues and requests for Microsoft 365 Teams and related applications.

More opportunities will be added here soon!



Our places function provides hands-on advice and support to our district’s leadership teams, it is also responsible for our internal communications and our public perception of scouting.

Places is also home to our South London Scout Centre support team who manage every aspect of the running, maintaining, and developing the centre. 


More opportunities will be added here soon!


The Fort Team

Our Centre Team is responsible for the day-to-day running and development of the South London Scout Centre. 

Their centre management responsibilities include:

  • The day-to-day management and operation of the centre
  • Overall finance and budget control
  • Centre administration
  • premises policies
  • health and safety
  • Volunteer support structure  
  • Centre branding and publicity

Their centre development responsibilities include:

  • Overarching operations and project management
  • Project finance and budget control
  • Project administration – direction of the project and development plan
  • Scope of works
  • Fundraising campaign
  • Communications and marketing
  • Membership and stakeholder consultation 

The Fort Service Team 

Our centre service team help manage and run the centre and ensure that it is well maintained and welcoming for all our visitors and users, so they have an enjoyable and memorable time.

Anyone over 16 years can be a member of our team – students, Explorers, Network members leaders, Supporters, parents of members, retired professionals, or simply those wanting to get involved in something different and rewarding for a couple of hours a week or month etc.

There is no requirement to have been previously involved in local scouting before joining. All that is required is a willingness to volunteer some time to support the running of the centre during busy times.

Join our Centre Team



Our programme function supports the youth programme across the county, enabling all young people to take part and work towards their top awards.

The function also aims to plan a programme of county events, activities, trips and expeditions for all sections. That compliments programmes being delivered at District level. 

It also provides a network of activity experts and activity support teams.

Opportunities will be added here soon!




Our people function ensures that everyone that volunteers within our county teams have a quality volunteering experience. 

This function also provides various levels of support to Districts and Groups and volunteering services at County level. These include making it easy for people to join, welcome and induction, personal development and learning new skills, recognition, and appointment review. 

The function also supports the Young Leaders Scheme and is home to the County Youth Team.


Opportunities will be added here soon!