Scouts and Explorers from across the county shine in exciting Torchlight challenge!

South London, October 19, 2023 – Scouts from all around South London recently had an awesome time at the County Torchlight Competition. It was not just a competition; it was a big adventure where Scouts had loads of fun and made new friends.

An ariel photo of everyone that attended the event

Maddox from the 51st Royal Greenwich Sea Scouts said, "I had a blast hanging out with friends and meeting other Scouts." It's all about being together and making new pals.

Team looking at a map

Ignas from the 1st Royal Eltham Scouts had an even simpler message: "I loved everything!" That's how much fun he had. Felix from the 30th Southwark Scouts was happy because there were lots of people, and he got to make new friends.

Now, let's talk about the winners:

  1. 1st Royal Eltham Team 1
  2. 19th Clapham Team 2
  3. 30th Southwark Team 1

1st Royal Eltham Team 1 came in first place. They were really good at finding their way and working together. In second place, there's 19th Clapham Team 2. They tried really hard and did a great job. 30th Southwark Team 1 came in third place, and they showed their Scout spirit and teamwork.

The winning team!

The County Torchlight Challenge is not just about winning; it's about having fun and making friends. It's a night full of adventures that Scouts will remember for a long time. Plans are already in place for next years event which promises to be bigger and better!

The organising team