Scouting can help open doors

Whatever your dream job, scouting can help open doors. When you’re updating your CV or being grilled in a job interview, don’t forget to tell them about the skills and experience you’ve gained through scouting. 

Programme planning, fundraising, sorting out administration and finances, event planning, organising an energetic bunch of young people – all those skills could help you land that job.

Sharon Armfield
administrator and assistant scout leader 

'I was pretty nervous at the interview but once they asked me about scouting, I had them hooked! I began to relax as I talked about the organisation, what I do in my roles and how I support others. Then I found myself writing down details of my troop meetings so their children could join. Thirty five minutes later my phone rang and the job was mine! I cannot stress enough how important it is to include scouting on CV and applications. It’s a perfect icebreaker as well as showing all your skills.' 

Wez Swain
circus tutor and scout leader 

'It was thanks to scouting that I got into outdoor adventure and found a job as an outdoor pursuits instructor. I travelled the world, teaching everything from climbing to mountain biking. These days, I balance volunteering at my local Group with my current full-time job as a circus tutor. That’s down to scouting as well – I was asked to teach circus skills at a camp and my career evolved from there. There are so many amazing opportunities through scouting.'

Lara Desroche
carer and scout leader

'I was a full-time mum returning to work and my experience in scouting made a massive difference when I was job hunting. At an interview for a youth work job at a local council, I did a presentation on scouting to show my experience running activities for young people and my knowledge of the local community. It won them over and they gave me the job. Scout leaders often don’t realise how relevant their skills are to the workplace.'

Peter Robertson
environmental health officer and District explorer scout commissioner

'Never hide your scouting experience, always make it as prominent as you can on your CV or application form. It shows people that you’re a team player, work hard and care about the community. I talked about scouting in all of my job interviews. Once when I was asked about scouting, one of my interviewers said his son was working on his Queen’s Scout Award. I joked that I could give him tips. Two months later when I started the job, I did just that.'

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