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Scouting for boys and girls aged 4 and 5 years

It’s really exciting that The Scout Association has launched our new Squirrel’s section for young people aged 4 and 5.

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We want as many young people as possible to benefit from the adventure of scouting, but like all scouting, Squirrels relies on volunteers to run the activities for young people and we can only provide the opportunity to join if adults volunteer some of their spare time to help us.

This is a new age range and we will be rolling Squirrels out steadily so that we prioritise reaching the families who can benefit the most – those hardest hit by the pandemic.   

When we have adults that want to make Squirrels happen we will gradually roll out across Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Royal Greenwich when the time is right.

It’s the best of Scouts – learning by doing and getting into the great outdoors – combined with early years best practice of storytelling, routine and play

Squirrels are go!

We provide masses of support to people that want to get stuck in and help us start Squirrels. As well as the support provided locally leaders of ten new Squirrel Dreys from across the UK are grouped in 'cohorts' to support and learn from each other and are able to access the full set of programme resources.

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Volunteering really is good for you and amazing things happen when we work as a team. There are plenty of reasons to get stuck in and become a volunteer, Squirrels gives young people the chance to:

 - Make friends
 - Have fun outdoors
 - Learn new things
 - Earn badges through fun activities

Check out our brilliant new badges such as Challenge All Adventure and Go Wild, plus the top award – the Acorn Award. The whole programme is designed to tap into the curiosity of this energetic age range, giving them new experiences that inspire and delight.  

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Volunteering’s not just about giving back – the benefits go both ways. All of our activities are run by amazing volunteers. Volunteering lets you try new things, meet new people, and make a difference. We know that volunteering is #GoodForYou because when you volunteer, you’ll:

 - Do something good for your community and yourself
 - Gain skills for the future
 - Spend time with your children or gain experience with young people
 - Make friends
- Make memories

Volunteering will help keep your body and brain active as you make a huge difference to young people’s lives – helping them develop skills for life and learn a whole lot about themselves along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get involved regularly or help out occasionally – we can find the right fit for you.

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