Our vision

Our location in Dulwich provides an excellent environment for young people and adults to thrive, learn, share and belong. Our open spaces suits many of our scouting activities but at present some of our building facilities are not adequate. With development of modern office and team facilities and a new accommodation building, bigger and better events for all our members can be achieved.   

Our aim is to modernise the South London Scout Centre to provide well thought out, and relevant facilities which enables maximum use of our accommodation and campsite.

Facilities that our users want to use all year round. A centre that is the number one choice for scouting colleagues, community groups and other youth groups, from across the country and around the world, when they visit the capital.

Our vision is to increase use of the site and be a centre: 

  • where children can have fun, learn and gain skills to help them succeed in life 
  • that is a base to explore the surrounding area and our capital city
  • with all the modern facilities they need 
  • the number one affordable destination for school groups to come and explore nature
  • where young people are safe to have fun and play with friends with no risk of harm
  • that offers peace and tranquillity, and provides facilities for scouting across South London, other youth organisations and local community groups
  • where nature is allowed to thrive without the risk of development